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Hospice & Palliative Care


Hospice care and palliative care are very similar when it comes to the most important issue for dying people: care. Palliative care is both a method of administering “comfort” measures and increasing quality of life.

Hospice and palliative care protocols call for patients to receive a combined holistic approach, including medications, symptom treatment, day-to-day personal care support, equipment lending, and bereavement counseling.

Our Mission


The Heart of Hastings Hospice is a community-based, volunteer organization dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals and their families who are facing the terminal phase of their illness, and the grief and bereavement period. The Heart of Hastings Hospice will assist these people to remain in their home longer and support those wishing to die at home or in the Heart of Hastings Hospice House. 


The Heart of Hastings staff and volunteers are members of a Compassionate Care Team who support the terminally ill person and family. Hospice services are intended to complement the activities of the other care providers in the community. 



Goals & Values


  • To offer dying persons and their families’ quality of life by helping sustain the most meaningful and satisfying lifestyle in the time they have remaining. To promote a compassionate, supportive atmosphere in which family and friends can say goodbye. 


  • To provide contact and follow up support with the family after death. 


  • To advocate for terminally-ill persons and their families, emphasizing the importance of their individual emotional, spiritual, social and physical needs. 


  • To promote the concept of Hospice care through community education. 


  • To facilitate teaching programs that will develop and support competent, trained volunteers. 


  • To work in coordination with all available services and resources. 


  • To evaluate the effectiveness of programs and services on an ongoing basis  


  • To be a fiscally responsible Not-For-Profit Organization. 

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