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Our Hospice

Our Residential Hospice can accommodate three residents at a time, and has plenty of space for family members and friends to have privacy, time for reflection and share memories with their loved one. Staff and trained volunteers ensure that each resident is treated with dignity, respect and the highest standard of care. There is no cost to the resident or their family.

The Hospice House use is appropriate for individuals and families who can benefit from an alternative to their own home or a hospital and whose diagnosis and care needs have progressed to a point beyond which their caregivers feel comfortable or able to manage care at home.  It is a very supportive environment.

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The criteria for admission primarily involves agreement of the individual's physician, the family, and Hospice that the individual is in the final stages of a life-limiting illness (approximately the last month of life). A health care professional can assess the palliative performance scale (PPS) of the patient and determine if they are appropriate for admission (often patients are no longer getting out of bed).

The family physician/practitioner may remain involved and oversee care, or they may transfer care to our palliative physician when the resident is admitted to the hospice.  Nursing staff and/or Personal Support Workers will provide care in the hospice, as well as trained Volunteers who play a very important role in assisting with care and supporting families of our hospice clients.  


For further information, a tour, or to discuss admission to the hospice residence, please contact us 613-473-1880 x101.

  • How much does it cost?
    There is no charge to the residents and families for our services. Our desire is that The Heart of Hastings Hospice be named as the charity of choice for memorial donations made at the funeral home. These donations will enable us to continue our programs and therefore be able to provide for the next family that needs our care.
  • Can my family stay with me?
    Yes! We have two guest bedrooms that are open to family members on a first-come, first-serve basis. The rooms each have a single bed and a 3-piece bathroom shared with your loved one. If the guest bedrooms are in use and there is other family that would like to stay, we can accommodate them downstairs in the living room on a pull-out couch.
  • Can my pets visit?
    Yes! Pets are family members too and visits are welcome. Pets must be free of fleas and be accompanied by a responsible family member or friend.
  • What's in the resident rooms?
    In the rooms, our specialized beds and mattresses are specifically designed for residents who may spend long periods of time in bed to assist with comfort and skin integrity. Each room includes a TV, DVD player, clock, air purifier, Alexa and fan. We encourage families to bring in items from home to personalize the room and make it your own space. Rooms also include an Eze Chair - designed to convert from chair to bed for in room visitor sleeping comfort as well, if desired.
  • What should I bring?
    We suggest you bring the following: - Pictures & family photos - Preferred Foods/Snacks, or nutritional drinks - Favourite Movies/CD's and DVDs - Personal Hygiene Items/Toiletries - Incontinent Wipes and/or briefs - Favourite blanket and/or pillow* - books/magazines/ * We do supply blankets and pillows, however some people prefer to use their own. Our pillows have a plastic cover for infection prevention and control purposes.
  • Are there prescribed visiting hours?
    No. Visitors are allowed anytime pending the resident/family's wishes.
  • How are meals handled?
    Residents/Families are responsible for providing grocery or food items. Volunteers, and staff will prepare the resident meals according to their dietary needs and preferences. Familes/Visitors are responsible for providing/preparing their own meals but are welcome to the full use of the well stocked kitchen facilities. Coffee and Tea is always available in the kitchen for family members and visitors.
  • Am I allowed to smoke or drink?
    The Heart of Hastings Hospice is a smoke-free home, including vaping. Visitors and residents are asked to smoke or vape outside to the west of the house, if required. Families and patients are welcome to consume a moderate amount of alcohol as long as the physician is in agreement and it is respected that this is a therapeutic environment.


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