The Heart of Hastings Hospice volunteers help in the Madoc, Marmora, Stirling and Tweed areas.

  • Hospice offers our volunteers an opportunity to support their community

  • Volunteering is more than giving a few hours; it is making a difference in someone's life

  • Volunteers receive 30 hours of training developed by the Hospice Palliative Care Ontario


Give Back to the Community

The people we help could be your family, friends, neighbours, members of your church, former classmates and others you see and interact with often. 


Help Those In Need

The clients who are referred to us really need your help. In some cases they have no one else to turn to. We cannot let them "slip through the cracks".


Learn New Skills

We offer free Palliative Care training and paid mileage. 

Gain/Continue Palliative Care Experience

Do you have an interest in a career in healthcare? Gain valuable experience. Maybe you are an active or retired healthcare professional, we could use your expertise!

To get more information about the services our volunteers provide, see our Services page.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please fill out our volunteer application or contact us.

View our various volunteer roles available here.

Phone: (613) 473-1880.  

Email:  info@heartofhastingshospice.ca
Mail:    17 McKenzie Street, Madoc, ON, K0K 2K0

2019 Caregiver Support
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2018 Golf Tournament
Butterfly release
Front-Line Volunteers
  • Provide direct client care and support

  • Volunteer in the community and/or at Hospice

  • Receive 30 hours Palliative Care Training

  • Likely will not win the 6/49

  • Could possibly miss the Young and the Restless

  • May spend too much money at our fun charity events

Friends of Hospice
  • Provide non-client direct support

  • Undertake projects and activities that will help us maintain our hospice house

  • Helping at our fun charity events so you won't be tempted to spend money...nah you still will be

  • Still not likely to win the 6/49

  • May need to interact with nature

  • Have to spend time with us boring office people

2019 Board
Board Volunteers Open House Sept 2011
Board Member
  • Help guide the direction of the Hospice

  • Can vote to give office staff raises 

  • Free coffee and treats at meetings

  • Can brag to all your friends that you are an executive board member

  • Let's face it, you aren't winning the 6/49

  • May fall asleep at meetings

  • Wine not allowed (pending review)

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