Free Equipment Lending

Pictures are samples ONly, not exactly as they appear.

As part of our involvement with the community,  The Heart of Hastings Hospice lends medical/mobility equipment free of charge.

Items are:

  • Sourced through the generosity of the community

  • Loaned out for as long as you need them

  • Are thoroughly cleaned

  • Are provided as a complimentary service

Our inventory includes;

  •  Walkers

  •  Wheelchairs

  •  Commodes

  •  Bath Seats

  •  Bed Rails

  •  Canes/crutches

  •  Hospital Beds

  •  Lift Chairs and more!


If you require a piece of equipment or have a piece of equipment to donate you can use the contact form on this page or call our office at (613) 473-1880.

Request or Donate Equipment

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No Time Limits

Use the loaned item as long as you need. We just ask you return it in the same condition.

No Purchasing

No high upfront costs to purchase items you or your loved one need.

No Renting

No monthly rental charges for items you need only temporarily.


Palliative patients do not qualify for assistance under the Assistive Device Program.