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Planned Giving

Supporting The Heart of Hastings Hospice with a planned gift is a meaningful way to ensure that compassionate care and support is always available at no cost to those in final stages of life.


Ways you can support Hospice

Bequests and Wills


Leaving a bequest in your will allows you to make a charitable gift from the proceeds of your estate.


A gift to The Heart of Hastings Hospice can be designated as a fixed amount or as a percentage of estate assets, and will provide a tax receipt which could reduce the tax otherwise payable by the estate.



Annuities provide donors who are at least 60 years old with a guaranteed income for life, in exchange for an initial gift to The Heart of Hastings Hospice. The income earned by the annuity in your lifetime and the balance of the funds in the annuity upon the dispersal of your estate are received by The Heart of Hastings Hospice.


Life Insurance


Life Insurance can provide a sizable source of income to The Heart of Hastings Hospice, at a relatively moderate cost to you. Life Insurance may also bring significant tax breaks on the dispersal of your estate and does not reduce the size of your estate.



Naming The Heart of Hastings Hospice as a partial or full beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF may be a tax-effective strategy for leaving a legacy gift.


A charitable receipt can be applied on up to 100% of your net income in the year of death and the preceding tax year.

Next Steps:

  • Seek legal and financial advice. Advisors can offer a wealth of knowledge to help you designate a gift to a charity that holds special significance in your life, while also providing you with substantial tax advantages.

  • Share your plans with family to ensure they are aware of your intentions and wishes.



Information on this page is solely intended to provide planned giving options and is not intended to provide or replace financial advice. Please seek the assistance of a qualified financial and/or legal professional.


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